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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
While I do agree that a scientist who refuses to acknowledge the existence of GOD is going to be severely hampered when examining the evidence of Creation, I think our limited understanding of time could explain why science sees billions of years when GOD says it only took days.

Since time is not a constant in the universe, I believe that the 6 days of Creation in the biblical account and the 14-20 billion years of creation from science are actually the same period of time. So, from our perspective, those 6 days would have seemed like billions of years, when they really only lasted 6 days from GOD's perspective.

There is also evidence that dinosaurs existed right alongside humans, but since it doesn't fit the current Evolutionary narrative, science ignores that evidence.
The problem with that...and its a view I held for a long time also that Genesis doesnt just define the periods of time as days...but as parts of days...Morning, and Evening. It is as if every effort is made to highlight the point that these were not seven period of time...or seven days from GODs point of view...but that they were seven, litteral, blocks of time, with a morning and an evening...

You've also changed your stance on this...during the time of MacT you were a strict creationalist...who told me that it wasnt seven periods of time, but seven, twenty four hour days

I have to say either your theory, or my theory would work completely. However, I was eager to actually somehow have a Seven Day Creation, just like there was a Proper Three Days for Salvation. I was eager to have a theory that would say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Creative process occured in precisely Seven Days.

People accuse my theory of not being biblical...but all I do is take the principles surrounding the power of the ressurection BEFORE Christ in Chronology...and apply the same thing to Creation...for me, they are part of the same thing. Life (Love) and Death (Judgement) Saint Paul even speaks about Christ as being like the Second if its a Second Genesis period, because the intended life which was spoilt in the Fall has been restored.

Although Christ died in a generally accepted year...and Christians acknowledge that there was a "Before" Christ...and thus a "Before" Salvation...and yet, they also adhere to the theology that those who had enough faith could be saved.

That has to mean that the process of Salvation goes BACKWARDS as well as forwards. I merely say the same is true for Life, as well as Eternal Life. The reason a lot of Christians Struggle with that is because the Creative Proccess has visible manifestations...being Credited with Righteousness does not...therefore its easy to miss the power and dependance of those Credited with righteousness, on the Cross reaching backwards through chronology for them. They miss the power of it, because they cant "see" its work...and they can not believe the process of creation could happen backwards because its 100percent visible...and to believe that, you would have to believe that the power involved in creation was astronomically large

I have no problem with that, because my entire theology is dependant on the Cross of Christ for Salvation. If GOD could kill a piece of himself, to unify a spoilt creation, whilst keeping himself Holy and perfect, and then ressurect that piece of himself after it has paid the price for sin in abundance. There is no greater power then I feel that suggesting that Creation springs in the middle of chronology and works both forwards and backwards...well...surely thats a doddle and pale by comparison. To me, thats just using biblical there isnt a scripture reference that says it...but its a logical outcome of philosophy when applying the same principles of Restoration, to me, they are parts of the same process...and that is the Ultimate, creation, love, restoration, all that is Light and of GOD....and the absence of life, the Death of Creation, Judgement, Damnation, all that is darkness and not of GOD.

Holiness and Sin...that in a nutshell is it.
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