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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post

A witness stated she saw two men running about 10 feet apart just before the incident. If Martin was chasing Zimmerman don't you think he would have told that?

I'm going by where they were at the "T" of the sidewalk and where they ended up right near there, where Trayvon was shot. I believe Zimmerman told the 911 operator he lost sight of the guy. He said he walked up the sidewalk to the front of the apts to see the address and was walking back when Trayvon appeared in front of him there at the "T". Everything seems to back what Zimmerman told the police. The police even lied and told Zimmerman they had video from a nearby camera that had caught the whole incident to see how he would react, but the detective testified Zimmerman was relieved to hear they had video that would prove/back up what he was telling them happened.

"Near" to Martin could have meant in the neighborhood, couldn't it? I mean did he say he was right at the front door? The girlfriend heard the beginning of that confrontation, didn't she? Did she mention Martin running before the scuffle? If not then Martin was lying about where he was or Zimmerman confronted him in front of his father's fiancÚ's place.

I believe Trayvon told Rachel he was almost there to the apt. They showed a layout of the apartments and sidewalk where the confrontation took place and where the fiancÚ's apt is in distance from there, it wasn't far from where this took place, I believe right down the sidewalk in the opposite direction of the "T".

What kind of person, child, or man he was didn't concern me in this so I will leave that be.

I only brought that up because if Trayvon did backtrack to confront Zimmerman (which is what I believe happened) it does not fit with someone who is scared of the guy who he thinks is following him. Logically, you'd think if he is scared, he would have run the rest of the way to the nearby apartment and tell someone that a guy was following him. In the trial, the defense had a board showing the actual times of the calls and they showed a 4 minute gap between calls where Trayvon had plenty of time to get safely to the apartment. Mr. O'Mara actually had the jury/courtroom be silent for 4 minutes to effectively show how long 4 minutes is. They couldn't tell the jury what Trayvon was doing in those 4 minutes when he could have gone home, but they know for sure he didn't go home.

And which bad judgment call did Martin make?

I believe they showed in the trial he had plenty of time to get safely home, but for whatever reason he chose not to go home, that was the first bad decision. The second was confronting Zimmerman, and the third, fatal decision was physically attacking Zimmerman. From the evidence of Zimmerman's injuries, and the eyewitness who described who he saw on the bottom by what they were wearing, I do believe Trayvon was the aggressor in the physical attack.

To me, considering.......

- Zimmerman voices his disgust that they always get away.

There'd been a bunch of burglaries in that gated community and it was young black men committing them. They even said one had been arrested, but he was later released (not sure on bond or what), this was before the incident with Trayvon. Knowing what was going on at the time, I believe that gives what he said some context, don't you. And he didn't say it as the prosecutors portrayed it to the jury, angry and with ill will; even the 911 operator testified to that.

- Zimmerman plainly states the boy is running away.

Yes, but he later said, not really running, but more of a skip. The prosecutor actually skipped in the courtroom, he just looked silly.

- Zimmerman gets out to pursue Martin.

I know "follow" can be pursue, or stalk, or chase, but I just don't think Zimmerman was doing any of those, I think he simply wanted to see where this person was going, if he was up to something. Again, I think it comes back to what was happening in the community with all the burglaries.

- Zimmerman has a gun.

Yes, he is carrying a gun legally, apparently he carried it with/on him most of the time except when at work. Did this make him feel safe to get out of his vehicle, in the dark and the rain, probably

- Dispatcher wanted Zimmerman to meet police at the mailboxes and he tells them to call when they get there and he will tell them where he is. That clearly shows he doesn't intend on staying at the car.

He didn't have to stay in his car. I think that's why he walked down the sidewalk to the front of the apartments to see the address so he could tell them where he was at. I'm not sure where the mailboxes were, if they were back near the clubhouse area where he first sees Trayvon(?).

-Zimmerman originally said he was getting out of his car to look at a street sign and was walking back to his car. It was no where near his car.

Yes, I think he told them there wasn't a street sign there where he was. As I said above, I think that's why he said he walked up the sidewalk to the front of the apartments where it was lighted to see the address on the building. He said he was walking back to his car from there when Trayvon confronted him at the "T".

.....I believe Zimmerman kept looking after he hung up with 911. Located Martin, that is when girlfriend heard the beginning of the confrontation, Martin ran. I think Zimmerman chased him and caught him or Martin decided to turn and fight. Then when Zimmerman was losing he got scared and shot the kid.

Of course, I can't prove it. But to me, all the circumstantial evidence points to a forced or at the very least a provoked confrontation with Zimmerman being the clear aggressor.
The GF was a "hear" witness as to what Trayvon told her, but I'm skeptical of some of what she tried to say she heard, but I do think she is important as far as establishing "time" like when the call ends, plus they are able to look at the phone records to establish times.

I believe the facts...Zimmerman's injuries, the guy who came out of his apartment and testified who he saw on the bottom, the person yelling for help, the forensics--the fact we know the hoodie was away from Trayvon's body because of the powder tattooing on his chest which backs up Zimmerman's claim Trayvon was leaning over him at the time he shot him...I believe these things point to Zimmerman telling the truth. Not to mention the lead detective who investigated, the one who said he tried to trip Zimmerman up to see if he was lying--remember I told you he lied and told Zimmerman there was video of the incident?--he even came to the conclusion that Zimmerman was telling the truth.

There's a reason the police and original prosecutor refused to arrest and charge him. And the FBI investigated and found no evidence that race was a factor in the shooting.

I wish these two had never laid eyes on each other that night.

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