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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
If someone was following me through a neighborhood at night, I would turn around and try to whip the shyte out of them, too.

Zimmerman should have taken his ass whoopin' like a man and left the gun out of it.

After voicing his displeasure with these guys(criminals/burglars" in his mind) always getting away, Zimmerman got out of his car with a GUN and followed someone he admits to thinking is a criminal. Geez. You can't get any more intent than that.

Prosecution did a shoddy job, imo.

ps how can you chase someone and be "standing your ground"? lol
"Standing your ground" was not an issue with either side in this trial. It was self defense. What testimony said he was chasing Martin?

Zimmerman said that Martin saw his gun and was reaching for it. If this is true, he had a right to defend himself.

If someone was beating me and they reached for my gun, I'd use it to protect myself. Ditto for my friends and loved ones if they are attacked.

This whole thing is a tragedy for both families. The jury couldn't surmise or base their judgement on sympathy or "what if" or "maybe". They could only consider the law. It's terrible what this case is doing to the country, it is dividing people in ways I haven't seen for a long time. It's sad that the children murdered in Chicago and all over the country don't get the same concern. It's sickening to see it made into a racial issue when it-clearly-is-not. I pray that the whole thing will just end.
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