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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
To me, considering.......

Of course, I can't prove it. But to me, all the circumstantial evidence points to a forced or at the very least a provoked confrontation with Zimmerman being the clear aggressor.
A jury, who heard all the evidence and examined it in detail, disagrees.

The bad judgement call Trayvon Martin made was to attack George Zimmerman and beat him.

If thugs had been breaking into my neighborhood and terrorizing people, I'd be disgusted that they always get away as well. Wouldn't you, Denise? He was a neighborhood watchperson, he has a right to have a gun. He had a right to defend himself against a beating.

When he was originally interviewed and the police said they had a video of the incident to gauge his reaction, they testified that Zimmerman said "Thank God, I was hoping somebody would videotape it". He was also very upset when the police told him that Martin died.

Why would the prosecution withhold discovery evidence from the defense? Particularly the pictures of Zimmerman's wounds? That's very troubling. Read Prof. Dershowitz re: State's Atty. Corey.
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