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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
2) The problem with this whole argument is that athiestic Scientists can never see a world with GOD as creator...and the Christians can never see GOD in creation.

The easy answer is to say that GOD didnt mean it like that...Athiests point out that Genesis has MORE THEN ONE version of the same Creation and it differs, and the Christians can tend to think that like Revelation, the Creation accounts are figurative and not litteral.

I take an interesting approach...because I happen to believe that as a Historical text, Genesis should be taken litterally....and yet I also have no problem with stuff happening "before" Creation.

The reason is because I think that "Creation" was took place in the Spiritual THE SAME WAY, that "Salvation" happened. Therefore Dinosaurs can appear BEFORE Adam...Just as Moses can be Saved before Christ.

Why...Because both are Eternal! As Christ and his Salvation work Backwards from one chronological point, to cover History both before and after the event...why not Creation? Why cant creation go backwards into History just as it goes forwards...stemming from one chronological event?

Just as Moses was credited with Righteousness, before the Chronological point at which Salvation was Dinosaurs can be credited with Creation, BEFORE the Chronological point at which Creation was avilable


Because the author of both Creation (Life) and Salvation (Eternal Life) has been Timeless.

When you remove the barriers caused by see that its possible for someone to be saved in an age of death, just as something can exist in an age before creation.

Thankyou...and good night
While I do agree that a scientist who refuses to acknowledge the existence of GOD is going to be severely hampered when examining the evidence of Creation, I think our limited understanding of time could explain why science sees billions of years when GOD says it only took days.

Since time is not a constant in the universe, I believe that the 6 days of Creation in the biblical account and the 14-20 billion years of creation from science are actually the same period of time. So, from our perspective, those 6 days would have seemed like billions of years, when they really only lasted 6 days from GOD's perspective.

There is also evidence that dinosaurs existed right alongside humans, but since it doesn't fit the current Evolutionary narrative, science ignores that evidence.
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