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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Zimmerman chased him down.

Was Martin not acting in self defense because Zimmerman was attempting to detain (a criminal charge of false imprisonment) him?
There was no evidence presented that Zimmerman chased him down or was trying to detain him...where are you getting that from?

One of the alternate jurors said that they had the phone records of Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon's girl friend who testified for the state, which shows the time of their calls when this started, etc., and she testified that Trayvon said he was near his father's fiancÚ's which is at the opposite end of the "T" of the sidewalk where the confrontation started so how does he end up back at the "T" where George Zimmerman is if he didn't backtrack to confront Zimmerman? If Zimmerman "chased" him to where he told Rachel he was, why wasn't the confrontation at that spot? The only thing that makes sense is that Trayvon decided to go back.

The prosecutors (both of them) kept painting a picture of a scared child; if he was so scared, why didn't he walk on to his father's fiancÚ's apt since he was so close to it, why go back if he's so scared of this person? The prosecutors repeatedly called Trayvon a "child" using the word wanting the jurors to see him as this very young, small, defenseless scared child, if that's the case, what is this "child" doing walking all by himself to the store and back in the pitch black? And it was very very dark at night behind those apts they said. So which is he, the little child they painted him to be or the adult teenager who decided he was bigger than the other guy and could take him?

People keep acting like Zimmerman did something wrong or illegal by getting out of his car, that by doing so he deserved the beating he was getting and he should have just taken it like a "man"; but that same thinking can be used when it comes to Trayvon and his bad judgement, not that anyone would dare say that out loud! IMO, they both made bad judgement calls that led to this avoidable tragedy.

The prosecutors wanted to make their case all about "emotion" because they had no case. As much as these jurors might have wanted to give Trayvon's parents someone to pay for their son's life, they followed the law, they did their job, a job they didn't ask for.

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