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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post

I think if we had video of the incident between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin we would see things play out as George Zimmerman said they happened. Also, it said in the article you linked (I posted/bolded above) that Zimmerman was using the stand your ground law in his defense, from what I understand, that is not correct, his defense lawyer Mr. O'Mara said they did not rely on that provision in the courtroom because Mr. Zimmerman had no option to retreat. However, I did read where it was included in the jury instructions; it's kind of confusing! lol From what I understand if Zimmerman had claimed stand your ground, he would not now be able to be sued civilly by Trayvon's family, but since he didn't, if they so choose they can sue him for wrongful death.

Rodriguez had the opportunity to avoid continuing/escalating the confrontation by walking away/ (And Zimmerman couldn't have stayed in his car? lol) retreating before using force. His neighbor told him to leave, but he refused. I believe Trayvon Martin decided he was going to confront George Zimmerman, and then he hit him in the nose to quickly gain advantage, and when Zimmerman went down, he got on top of him. Zimmerman couldn't retreat.
Again, how do you chase someone down and then say you had no option to retreat? lol

Chasing someone down is FORCING a confrontation.
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