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well tyburn, a century is 100 years and noah was at least 600 when the flood happened

also if the water shot out of the cracks it would fall back as rain

also, i think the glaciers were from flood waters freezing, not the other way around

anyways, this is my theory to a 'T', i just never had a name for it

i think it is amazing how things happened, here in iowa we have the loess hills, they are made up of loess silt soil, the only other place it is found is in china, it is obvious to me that this is the particular silt that was left in a certain area as the water drained away, the same way it happens on my farm after a flood except on a much huger scale

i also imagine that if someone took this theory to it's complete scientific and geological conclusion you could accurately predict oil deposits, diamond deposits and gold deposits

i also think that the land masses had a floating effect, it wasn't the water draining off as much as the land coming to the surface of the water.
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