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I thought it was supposed to be an ice age glacial melt...Its funny that this is one of the old testiment stories to be so desputed...and yet, the one which is affirmed by the most secular and historic sources...not only that there was a flood thats recorded in all parts of the inhabited world....but also that there was an idiotically advanced culture pre that point in history...much of the evidence for that still exists, and not only that, it still exists under water!

I would say two things regarding the video...Firstly, the Bible clearly states the flood came from rain water. other parts of the bible, there is a phrase used that makes no sence...about fountains of the deep being locked up, and also about waters that cover the seas

He also uses the words "Centuries" when he talks about pressure build this probably isnt young earth theory at its best

There is just one other thing to note...isnt it strange that the earth has tranches, like marinas and the Grand Canyon...and so does Mars
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