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Originally Posted by flo View Post
I know you're just trolling to stir things up but I'll bite.

The republicans in FL brought this case for political reasons, the police had investigated and decided there weren't grounds to bring a charge against Z. He was defending himself. That's why a jury found him not guilty.

We republicans don't like it when "our side" make very consequential decisions based on political pressure rather than letting the justice system work. This whole FUBAR mess right now (DoJ making noise about a fed case against Z even though the FBI investigation said there were NO grounds for such, the new DoJ site to give "tips" about Z so they can pursue a civil rights case, the CBC comments this morning, stoking the fires of racial hatred and dismissing our treasured justice system, etc) is thanks so them, the media, our embarrassment of a president and the usual race-baiters who make a living off the subject.

Quit stoking the fire. The case you linked to has nothing in common with the Z case with the exception of using self-defense. People can cherry pick cases all they want, this was NOT ABOUT RACE.
yes .. i honestly didn't know the republicans in fla made this case happen .. i thought it was pressure from everywhere ... but i don't get how you are equating the republicans with the defense ..

as for the other case, it is very similar imo ... raul rodriguez called the police for a disturbance and wanted the police to break up the party ... he brought a gun and when he felt threatened he brandished hit, stood his ground and the others backed off ... one of the others did something to him, grabbed him or whatever (its on tape) and he shot him .. the others rushed in and got shot as well ... he was standing his ground in his opinion, and he is in jail for 40 years
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