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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i think he was trying to be a cop .. he knew he had a gun .. sure he didn't know what the other guy was carrying, but he knew he had a gun ready with a bullet in the chamber and more in the clip ready to go ... (i know, nothing more useless than a gun that aint loaded) ... he could have called the cops like he did and that was it ... sure, bad judgement isn't illegal, but he followed the kid ... i think that is wrong .. ain't his job ... he was told he didn't have to follow him and based on his credibility, i think he altered the story to save his hide and it worked ...
if he had pulled the gun before the kid starting hitting him maybe i would agree but since he didn't pull it until after he got injured i'd think he wasn't as trigger happy as people are making it seem.
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