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Originally Posted by twinsmama View Post
i wasn't watching enough to know he lied. lying to the law enforcement in my mind should have some punishment. there is something about the guy that i don't like.

the law is in place to make sure someone protecting themself isn't convicted of murder. on the flip side i'm sure there are people that use it to their advantage. even if the boy lived we still wouldn't know what really happened.

i won't respond to the last statement because it is stupid.
well the punishment was that his bail was revoked and set at a higher $$ level ... as for the other lie, it wasn't under oath and he was within his rights not to take the stand .... imo, i think the prosecution did a terrible job of putting his interview with hannity as evidence ... i don't know what they were thinking ... here we are giving GZ a chance to take the stand, tell his story and not get cross examined ... now i have to do some research and see if the prosecution or defense let that it ... LOL
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