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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
this is why i didn't buy gz's story of how things happened .. there was a video evidence of him being asked if he knew about florida stand your ground laws/self defense etc ... he said he didn't know and his teacher stated that this was of particular interest among the group and they spent a lot of time on it ... gz was changing the story to make himself look innocent ... also the fact that he lied about his $$ situation to get his original bail revoked gave a pretty good idea of his credibility ... like i said in another post, best way to claim self defence is make sure there are no witnesses ... something raul rodriguez didn't do well ...

seems to me if your latino and kill a white person, you get 40 years ... if you are latino and you kill a black kid, you go free ... but hey, i am just an ignorant canadian who knows nothing about gun laws in the US

i wasn't watching enough to know he lied. lying to the law enforcement in my mind should have some punishment. there is something about the guy that i don't like.

the law is in place to make sure someone protecting themself isn't convicted of murder. on the flip side i'm sure there are people that use it to their advantage. even if the boy lived we still wouldn't know what really happened.

i won't respond to the last statement because it is stupid.
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