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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i agree that the verdict was the correct one, but imo it gives precidence now for people to do what GZ did ... all you have to do is leave as litttle evidence as possible and make sure you kill the other person ... then it becomes easy to follow the evidence ..

it goes to the case of raul rodriguez ... imo, its very similar, except he was video taping the whole thing .. and then he got 30-40 years in prison

i think zimmerman knew he could do this, get away with it .. i think being charged actually was a surprise to him ... i think the prosecution were made up of terrible lawyers who tried to get the big charge instead of going to reasonable chargers .. in the end, the jury had no choice but to acquit
I know I could kill someone who is beating me up and get away with it too. (although get away with it sounds like you are doing something illegal and not getting in trouble so i will say "justified to do it") i would be surprised and outraged if i was arrested too. In my opinion he should never have been arrested.

I've heard so many things that people say are facts about this case that are things they want to be facts

In Florida there is a stand your ground law. I know it isn't in most states but since it happened here I will tell you what I know about Florida. We have a stand your ground law that means you no longer have to retreat if you feel threatened. You can protect yourself. Also to get a concealed weapons permit you must do a class that tells you all the right and wrong ways to carry and when to use your weapon. You can not act like a cop. Which some people are saying he did. My feeling is following the guy wasn't acting like a cop. You can not pull a gun unless you are in fear for your life. From what I understand he didn't pull it before he was getting whooped.

I never knew I had so many racist friends until this happened.

What would you guys do if you had someone walking through a neighborhood close to houses. Assume the guys wearing a hoodie so you can't tell anything about his features/age. Would you call the police? Follow him? For the ones that would follow what would you do if he/she turned on you and started beating you up? If you knew there was a home invasion in your neighborhood prior to seeing this above mentioned suspicious person would you feel differently? Home invasion meaning there were people home?

Me and my husband have had this talk many times since this happened.
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