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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Plus it was just recently revealed that the prosecution withheld information (pictures, in this case) from the defense; a whistle-blower from Corey's office was concerned and finally got them to the defense a few weeks ago (too late for them to use in the trial). Zimmerman's attorneys wanted sanctions against the prosecution for abusing discovery but the Judge said she'd consider after the conclusion of the trial.

Oh, and the whistleblower? Corey fired him yesterday.

That's just one example of a corrupt and biased FL State's Attorney's Office.
Link here.
Angela Corey should be the one Eric Holder and the Justice Dept. should be investigating for violating George Zimmerman's civil rights. She's been indicted now for falsifying the arrest warrant and complaint that lead to Zimmerman being charged with 2nd degree murder. Hopefully she'll be disbarred and spend some time in jail for what she's done.

Also, NBC is in big trouble for editing that 911 call to make it sound like George Zimmerman was a racist who shot and killed a black child. The media has played their part in all the race baiting that has been going on from the very beginning.

Now you've got the race baiters wanting to make this a federal civil rights case even going so far as to compare this case to cases like Emmett Till and James Byrd Jr. They have no shame.

Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Not Guilty was the correct verdict. Whether you agree with him getting out of his car and following Trayvon or not, it wasn't against the law. The only time a law was broken in the entire scenario was when Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman and beat him up.

You can accuse George Zimmerman of bad judgement but not of breaking any laws. He only used his gun when he felt his life was in danger, and rightfully so.
Apparently a lot of people don't understand what the law is, they think he broke the law when he got out of his car, but he didn't. Both of them can be accused of bad judgement that night--if only George Zimmerman had stayed in his car and waited for police; likewise, if only Trayvon Martin had just gone on to his dad's gf's house instead of making the decisions he did.

I applaud the jurors for following the law and not letting emotion guide their verdict.

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