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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Manslaughter was an option given to the jury. I thought the prosecution lawyers did a good job with what they had. The problem is, it's hard to convict an innocent man. They definitely tried, but all the evidence backed up Zimmerman's story. As for giving someone else the option to start trouble and then finish it with a gun, that would be incredibly risky. All you need is one witness to say the shooter started the fight. In this case, nobody could say that and the evidence pointed to Trayvon being the instigator of the fight.
I think manslaughter was a good option to go for, but I don't think the prosecution wanted that, they wanted murder and they were never going to get that imo ... I think if they had the ms charge with an option for criminal negligence etc, they probably woulda have gotten Zimmerman on something like that .. I think the jury believed he should have gotten something, but when presented poorly with murder, ms and nothing, the only reasonable option was acquittal ...
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