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Cool video and it seems like a pretty solid theory. I've never believed the claims that the Grand Canyon was formed over millions of years and it seemed especially implausible after the Mount St. Helen eruption in 1980 created a similar (but much smaller) formation within just three days.

The thing about the meteorites is pretty crazy. I'm not saying it's untrue, it's just not something I would have expected.

Such a dramatic worldwide event would also explain why mammoths were flash frozen with tropical plants still in their stomach.

Plus, the global flood explains a lot about the fossil record. The conditions for an animal to fossilize need to be created instantaneously, it's not something that can happen over millions of years. And there was always the question of why so many dinosaur fossils have their heads thrown back and mouths wide open like they were struggling when they died... they were drowning while being crushed under tons of water and mud.

The worldwide flood goes a long way to explain so much about the world we live in, even the stratification of the earth's crust. However, scientists refuse to even entertain the theory because they don't want to give any credence whatsoever to the Bible.
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