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Originally Posted by flo View Post
I'm glad that they are honoring him and that there are tributes and pomp for his services. I hope thousands do turn out tomorrow.

But, IMO, what would really honor him is for the British government to crack down on their islamo-fascist population and squash them. Make an example of the murderers. Start policing their neighborhoods. That is all they understand, an iron fist. Think for a moment why Jordan is one of the few countries that doesn't have a problem with their extremists.
Its funny you should say that...The British Government are strongly considering pulling out of The European Court of Human you know why?

Get This!

According to Europe, Multiple Murderers (as in mass Murderers) who are sentanced to die behind bars (as opposed to being jailed for life...which is only considered 25 years behind bars anyway) are having their human rights violated because they "have no hope" and are "depressed and in despair"

THAT IS THE ••••ING POINT I am in a dead end job with no hope, depressed an in despair...and I dont get anything said about my bloody rights.

Its a load of absolute bollox...I am sorry but THIS is why they need to hang people...because thirty years later....they are considering REALEASING THE YORKSHIRE RIPPER.


Parliament already over-rulled Europe who said that Criminals should have the bloody right to vote in a general ellection...Can you believe that???

Convicted Criminals ARE NOT citizens...they DO NOT have the Rights Citizens Europe THEY HAVE MORE RIGHTS THEN CITIZENS

They pay no rent
they pay no mortgage
The pay no income tax
they pay no council tax
they pay nothing for water, electricty or gas.

They can have colour televisions, with recording equipment, they can have free gymnasium equipment, they can have free access to xbox games and the likes.

They are given free education if they want it
They can be offered free supervision on finding a job for when they are released
They can expect their sentance time halved, and to be out for good behaviour in a quarter of the time.

If they are serious offenders, they are given protection so they dont get beaten or hurt by other inmates

They have free, decent, cooked meals
they dont have to work for a living

They can even get married whilst in prison...oh and if they fall ill, they get immediate medical attention, without the need to pay for any perscription.

Lets contrast that with myself shall we?

I have to pay a Mortgage, A quarter of my monthly wage goes on income tax (I effectively work one week a callendar month for free) I have to pay council tax, for police that dont spot crimes until after they have happened, a fire service which is always on strike, and an ambulance service which is over stretched, none of the potholes are filled, the bins only get collected once every two weeks...and even then if I dont follow strict protocol they can refuse (pardon the pun) to remove it, or charge me financially. I have to pay all utilities, insurances, and maintainance fees, leaving me with next to nothing to live on, and worse off then some people on Government Benefits (I dont qualify since I work full time, and own a house...its thought I could never stretch to do that unless I had enough capital)

I have to pay TV liscence, and couldnt afford a TV until it was bought for me as a joint Birthday Present. I dont have enough money to waste on xbox, heck, I dont even own a phone capable of connecting to the internet...neither can I afford a contract phone...I am litterally pay as you go, and almost exclusively use txt.

I had to cancel my gym subscription, because I couldnt afford it. That is a BIG luxury.

I am well over 9K in debt when it comes to paying for my university employment, and my taxes cover other peoples education more then mine now. If I wanted to go to night school, or re-train, I have to pay for that.

Most supervision for jobs goes on in schools or is for under 25s. I have to be unemployed before I am even elligable for the offer of help with job searching or training.

The Working life of an Individual is approximately fifty years. Thats Two life Sentances, that arent halved or Quartered. We have no option but to work and do the bidding of our employment, because, nothing is provided free for us.

There is no protection for the ave citizen against violent attack, or vandalism, or break ins...infact, we dont pray for it not to happen coz its horrible...we pray it doesnt happen because we know that if it does, and we dare to defend ourselves, we will be treated as a criminal as well, rather then the victim of crimes. One must not carry weapons of any sort whatsoever...this includes, but is not limited to, Fire-arms, Air-arms, Electronic Tazers, batons, restraints, pepper sprays, or anything that might cause blunt force trauma.

Alarms are ignored.

I am responsible for buying and cooking all my food. I have to stick to low budgit food in order to survive financially. I dont buy branded food items, and I cant usually afford proper meat or fish. Thank GOD I aint a drinker or smoker...coz I couldnt afford them even if I wanted them.

I rarely go out to socialize, because I dont have the money.

When my filling dropped out, I had to wait two weeks in agony, before the filling could be mended. I had to wait three days before it could even be assessed. When my Tonsil Polyp was discovered, and originally fearful of cancer, I still had to wait three weeks before I was seen at Hospital, and it was paid for by my taxes....I then had to wait THREE MONTHS before a follow up consultation which would seal said tonsils fate. That was considered unbelievably quick...For a Neurologist appointment in 2003 I had to wait SEVEN MONTHS and a further TWO MONTHS to have an MRI scan...concerning my permanent situation with medication, and the extra they tried me on for the neuraligia...I have to pay, per item on a perscription. Despite almost ten years on permament medication, I dont qualify for help with perscription costs.

Now...Frankly...I feel a letter comming on to The European Court of Appeals...Coz, I aint joking when I say I think MY rights are being violated here
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