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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I am sure that everyone remembers the tragic murder of soldier Lee Rigby outside of his barracks in London back at the end of May. He was attacked by terrorists who drove their car deliberately into him, before dragging him into the middle of the street and using cleavers to execute, behead, and dismember him.

Its his Funeral Tommorow.

So today he arrived in Greater Manchester, you see his Regiment appears to eminate from Bury, and so prior to the Funeral he is being given an all night vigil at what I presume is their civic church. It was a full scale procession, including military bands and an older generation of soldier who appeared with Standards to line the route for the cortege. At the same time, in his home town not to far away, the comerical centre of the city shut down as a mark of respect, with public houses and the likes choosing to do the same.

Hundreds of people lined the streets of the town to watch the procession, but it is suspected that thousands will turn up for tommorows funeral to be held in the same church. Greater Manchester Police are closing off the area and diverting traffic so that anyone who wants to attend, can.

in just over 12 hours from now, the ceremony, a full military funeral, will take place.
I'm glad that they are honoring him and that there are tributes and pomp for his services. I hope thousands do turn out tomorrow.

But, IMO, what would really honor him is for the British government to crack down on their islamo-fascist population and squash them. Make an example of the murderers. Start policing their neighborhoods. That is all they understand, an iron fist. Think for a moment why Jordan is one of the few countries that doesn't have a problem with their extremists.
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