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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
yeah .. ben hit it on the head ... chris isn't going to have to worry about fighter pay for a while ... if dana is smart, he shouldn't give anderson a rematch ... chris looks to me like he'd be easy to market and promote as the guy who ended the GOAT's streak ...
Yeah, but not quite yet. I mean, when Frankie beat BJ, everyone was shocked & impressed, but figured that was his lucky night. It wasn't until he beat BJ the second time that everyone realized he was legit.

In this one, everyone's saying Anderson beat himself & that Chris wouldn't have had a shot if Anderson wasn't clowning so much. Until he beats him again, those rumors will stick to him.

On the flip side, if Anderson beats him, you have the makings for a monster trilogy (possibly at MSG if NY gets their ish together). On top of that, you have the makings a great narrative where Anderson a "comeback" story. Imagine the legs Dana can give this "The greatest of all time got cocky & overstretched. He got caught up in the glitz & glamor of fame before being humbled by a simple guy from Long Island. Now, he's gone back to his roots & rededicated his life to the fight game & has come back with a new fire!" etc., etc., etc.

Couple all these things with the fact that Dana's talking Superbowl weekend in Jersey, can you imagine how ramped up the people at FOX are gonna be about promoting that fight. Super Bowl is going to be a marquee event for Fox Sports 1 in their bid to rival ESPN & if their able to throw Silva/Weidman II into the mix, it's going to be insane.
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