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Default Fighter Salaries....

I know this has probably been discussed many times on the site, but after checking out Yahoo Sports! and seeing the UFC162 payouts, I'm puzzled. I know Weidman will get other perks, KO of the night bonus, etc.... But so many people from the mid-card are going to make more than him. Crippler, Munoz, even Herman's short effort almost covers most of what Weidman will be getting.

I know titles, maybe UFC tenure, possibly agreed contract amounts all come into play here.... But I'm curious as to what factors get tossed around to come up with these salaries. I never really looked at them before now. I used to think that UFC fighters got paid a mint for what they did. After looking at the payouts of fighters the last couple of years, I realized something..... There's a lot of fighters out there that have to be struggling to pay things. Seriously! I picture some of these guys with annual salaries of about $30k or less struggling like most of us week to week. I'm not sure what else goes into being a fighter, but you would think other people get a slice of a fighter's purse (agents, trainers, TAXES). Unless the sponsorship money is really that good, I picture everyone not at the top really making a major sacrifice to fight for a living. I could probably ask Matt if I saw him in town, but he would probably be hard pressed to answer it... He fought, farmed, worked construction, etc., so he was always working and earning money elsewhere before his pay jumped to upper-tier... And if UFC is the elite brand, I'd hate to see how low the pay is for other organizations fighters. That's scary to think about.

A lot of you die-hards are a more "in the know" than myself... Can you give me the skinny on what all goes into a UFC Payday, and why someone in a title fight (Weidman) can be so low on the pay scale???
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