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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Well... I've never been drunk before... I MAY be a little fickle but I'm far from uneducated and I personally hated Anderson's antics last night and I'm definitely disappointed I didn't get to see the fight I was hoping for.

The bobbing and weaving and leaning in and out with your hands at your hips is and has always been a part of Anderson's strategy. It's a legit strategy and it's effective. Last night however it seemed to me that he was going quite a bit above and beyond that. The faking that he's hurt, wobbly knees, slapping his leg and calling for a leg kick, hitting his own chin etc, etc. that's the stuff I don't like, feel is unnecessary and to me it seemed like he did a lot more of that last night than normal. Ultimately it cost him the fight and I was happy for that.

It doesn't change my opinion of him at all... I'm just happy to see a showboat get KO'd that's all. ;)
OK, the drunk fickle uneducated thing was a shot at who was booing during his interview, not why people were rooting against him!

I absolutely agree that he went way further Saturday than he ever has in the past & he absolutely paid for it. Kinda like what Kevin said, I think he felt Chris on the ground & realized he wanted NOTHING more to do with that so was going all out to keep it in "his world". Too bad that didn't go so hot for him!
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