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Sorry it has been a while. The latest news is she is now 18 so really not much to do. She never came home and I refrained from beating the snot out of him. To be honest it would have been pretty one sided. It would be like Roy Nelson fighting a fly weight.

The worst news is she got pregnant and is ignoring all her upbringing and has embraced secular humanism. So all we can really do is pray her eyes are opened. She is pretty vocal about her hate for me. She is playing the you are not my real dad card eveb though I am all she has ever known. And that is hurting my wife a lot. We have cut contact with her till she can get her head on striaght. We have told her we still love her no matter what she does and that will never change. I just cant have her telling crazy stuff to my other daughter.

So please keep praying she gets her heart right with God first and then comes to her senses with us. Thank you all for your prayers and concern.
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