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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Yes, not "the people" but the military. It's not like Mubarak and Gaddafi were the kind of leaders we would want to be in bed with, but a lot of times it's the case where, "Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't."
Indeed...Of course, they believe the Military was behind Mubarack also...wasnt he brought to power by a Military Coup also...I hadnt realized he was Ex-Force turned Politician.

It just shows how blind the people are...I mean...if they've had a long and troubled does that change with an ellected leader...if the ellected leader must still owe alligience to the Military

Thats what I dont like! I'd rather have a Monarchy, at least they have legitamate right through birth...rather then an unacountable, secretive and corrupt bunch of senior officers....We speak from expierience of having lived through a similar thing in our own land.

The English Civil War, was designed as a sort of Early Democratic Government mandate...They removed the Monarchy and set up the Government...but it was corrupt and unaccountable and ended up being a Military Jaunta..."The Council of Officers" rulled under Oliver Cromwell

The best part of a decades worth of history was ruined in this experiment. You can see what happened when Cromwell turned on the Government and sent them the same way as the King...this is his speech to The Rump when he dissolved them. Listen...this is almost exactly the same as Egypt...First the Ligitamate ruller is removed on the grounds of being tyranical, and then a democratic Government installed...and that fails within the first year, and the Military take over. Just as the Egyptian Army claim the people called on them to perform the Cromwell claims the people have called upon him to clense the nation a second time politically.
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