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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post I understand it, these were free and fair ellections.

Those people DID vote the Muslim Brotherhood to power...The problem they had was, once the Muslim Brotherhood was in power, they wanted to change Egypt from being a Country with Islam as its main an Islamic an Islamic State is something alltogether different...because in an Islamic State the Religious Officials are ABOVE the Political Officials, AND ABOVE the Armed Forces...and they enforce full Sharia Law...which is also extended to Tourists...which of course is vital for Egypt.

Morsi was in the process of trying to push through an Egyptian Constituion which would make the above all happen...when the people who Ellected him changed their minds.

Well...Technically speaking, The Muslim Brotherhood are the Legitamate Authority on a democratic dont overthrow a have to vote them out of power...or else it is technically speaking an UNAUTHOURISED and NON DEMOCRATIC measure...often known as Rebellion.

The truth is very doesnt matter who gets democratically voted...because the TRUE power is with the Military....where the comanding officers are NOT ellected.

"The People" did NOT remove Morsi...that was done by a renegade armed force.

The truth of the matter, as I said all along...was that the West made a grave mistake in abandoning Hosni Mubarack...who had the power to keep control, was moderate but not fanatical, and was pro-west.
Yes, not "the people" but the military. It's not like Mubarak and Gaddafi were the kind of leaders we would want to be in bed with, but a lot of times it's the case where, "Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't."
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