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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Isn't it kind of ironic how it's two unmarried guys that seem to have the most to say about marriage?

I'll have to do some more research on this, but I definitely don't believe that GOD ignores marriages between non-believers.

1) If what you are saying were correct, Dave, then that would create some major questions about sin. Because, if marriage is the only approved relationship where sexual intercourse can exist, then is a married man guilty of fornication every time he has sex with his wife?

2) And can a married unbeliever actually commit adultery?
1) well essentially yes, because the Wedding isnt Sanctified it doesnt truely exist on the Spiritual Level...therefore, it would be the same type of sin as Cohabitating Sexual partners

2) I believe so because Adultory at its heart is based on lust...and whilst a heathen marriage may not be sanctified, its still the word and promise of the individual...therefore, they can still be unfaithful to that promise.

But I admit that would boil down to pragmatics I suppose.

The other side of the argument of course would simply be to say that any long-term loving relationship, even homosexual...would be better then constant promiscuity...It depends how far you believe the spirit of the law differs from the letter of it.

The other thing to recall is that marriage is not an eternal union. The concept of Union with GOD is eternal, but marriage, however sacred, is just a reflection of that on earth. One is freed from the sanctity of marriage on the death of their spouse

Its ultimately very difficult...but, personally, in regards to homosexuals...I just dont understand why with the option of civil unions...what the justification is in pushing for marriage. Equality in law I think can be obtained in a civil union, in regards to next of kin, and simply make what you want legally binding in your will if its not. Marriage seems like its being done deliberately to upset Christians...and THATS what abhores me about the whole ideal...It feels like its being done out of spite, and not equality at all....and why would any person who claims to be hard done by the oppression of another, then want to do something to inflict that one someone else??
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