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There is a very well known hymn, based on a literny chant I think, that brings to mind What the sacrement of marriage is based upon. I know it as "Jerusalem et Sion Filiae" But if you've ever heard of the hymn its probably called "Zions Daughters, Sons of Jerusalem"

In its closing verses it describes really well how the Church as Fides Sponsa so to speak is rewarded. This is what Marriage is supposed to symbolize...The Union of Christ and The Church.

So the Church shines forth on her pilgrimage,
signed with Jordan's waters of penitence,
drawn to hear the wisdom of Solomon,
from the world's end.

"So, foretold by figures and prophecies,
clothed in nuptial vesture of charity,
joined with Christ, o'er heaven's glad citizens
now she reigneth.

"Welcome! feast of light and felicity,
Bride to Bridegroom joining in unity;
in her mystic marriage is typified
our salvation."

Christ, whose joys we joyfully celebrate,
grant us all a place with thy chosen ones,
true delights, ineffable happiness,
rest eternal.
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