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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Why would GOD refuse to bestow marriage on homosexuals? Because marriage was designed by GOD as a shadow of things to come.
That is precisely why he wouldnt bestow it on heathen unions either.

NIETHER reflect the correct design.

ANY SIN if worthy of Death...thats the WHOLE point of Christs saving power.

But whilst its easy for you to point and prod the homosexual...I DONT see you doing the same for the heathen...You say that Homosexual marriage would be the end of religious freedom...your churches ALREADY MARRY HEATHEN...somehow that doesnt seem to bother dont piss and moan about that, you dont rebuke the heathen.

From the point of view of someone who suffers from temptations towards the sins you most is REALLY frustrating, and terribly unfair, that you cant be arsed to show the same type of venhemance towards others who live sinful lifestyle no worse, and no better.

Its not just you Nathan...this is common across christendom, and the reason is simple...the sheer numbers of heathen make it impossible for you to speak out against them, and you have become so used to them living in your midst you turn a blind eye because its a hetrosexual union...Homosexuals are a smaller group of people...whose union would be so fundementally different...that whilst NO MORE SINFUL...its a lot more obvious.

The way round this is of course to go back to basics and remember that only humans view sins in degrees of immorality, and then recall that from the Divine point of're either perfect...or you're not....and cast that back on yourself, to put yourself in the same bracket as those that you rebuke...and know that if it wasnt for Saving Grcae of would face the same doom.
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