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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
All of Creation was originally designed perfect before the Fall....Incase you hadnt noticed...Creation was spoilt.

Now ALL creation is doomed without the aid of Christ....and you think GOD takes notice of a Union, symbolic of His Love for His People....and think it applies to other faiths...or no faiths at all??

The point your missing is...those other marriages may aswell be the same as animal unions...Marriage, as I pointed NOT just to provide a shelter and safe surround for is NOT just a promise made between two is NOT Justified, Consecrated, Blessed, or Sanctified by a Church Ceremony.

Its a Fundemental part of my theology. The Church has ZERO control over Sacrements, and ONLY GOD can bestow a sacrement...Marriage is a Sacrement....If you say that GOD bestows that gift on people of other faiths and no faiths...who live a sinful lifestyle because they dont believe...but say that GOD Refuses to bestow it on homosexuals....the question I have for you is...Why?

BOTH live sinful lifestyles...and all sin is equal in the eyes of GOD.

The fact that a man and a woman can procreate actually leads them to MORE sin...for not only have they married without GODs blessing...they then procreate outside of wedlock!! At least Homosexuals that marry will never by guilty of THAT sin

What this boils down one rule for one, another rule for another. Because non christians can procreate...YOU dont mind them marrying, and turn such a blind eye to the sin of them who marry without being saved, that everything is fine.....but Homosexuals marrying...Well GOD just hates them.

News for you Nate...GOD hates the heathen just as much.

If its wrong for Gays, its wrong for Heathen...if its right for the heathen....well...
Where do you get this idea that GOD hates the heathen? We were all born sinners and, while we were completely unredeemable enemies of GOD, He still sacrificed His only Son to give us a chance at salvation. Not because we were in any way lovable or because we deserved it, but because of His love for us.

The level of love that GOD showed to us, even though He had every reason to hate us and condemn us to an eternity of torture and suffering, is beyond our human ability to comprehend. So exactly where are you getting this idea that GOD hates sinners? If GOD hated sinners, then Christ would never have bothered to die on the cross.

Either way, I'm not saying that GOD blesses marriages between non-believers, but He will hold those people accountable for their marriage. So, if nothing else, non-believing married couples are simply giving GOD more rope to hang them with.

Why would GOD refuse to bestow marriage on homosexuals? Because marriage was designed by GOD as a shadow of things to come. Just like the Jews didn't have the authority to rewrite the rituals of the Temple sacrifices, we don't have the authority to rewrite marriage. If GOD considers the sin of homosexuality to be worthy of death, then why would He honor a "marriage" between homosexuals? That doesn't even make sense. It's like claiming that GOD has to honor a "marriage" between a man and a pig just because humanity had degraded itself to the point where that kind of sexual relationship is acceptable in society's eyes.

If we, sinful, corrupted humans, can "outvote" GOD on matters of morality, then where does that line get drawn? We're just going to keep sinking into lower and lower forms of depravity, because Satan is not going to say, "Okay that's far enough, people. I don't want you to take this sin thing too far." No, his goal is the total destruction of every single person and the more we wallow in our own filth and declare it an "alternative lifestyle", the happier he is.
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