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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I'm amazed at how little you know about this. GOD created marriage long before GOD created the Church and He never created "religion." That is a human construct. So there is no such thing as a marriage that GOD doesn't take a personal interest in. Even if the husband and wife are unbelievers, they are still entering a life-long pact with GOD that can NEVER be dissolved in the eyes of GOD. So, married Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, etc. will all stand before GOD one day and answer for their marriage and how they treated their spouse. This is why every known culture on the planet has a form of marriage, no matter what their religious beliefs.

GOD doesn't separate marriages into two categories, secular and religious, there is just marriage. A union that He created and blessed above all other earthly human relationships.

Also, this will most definitely turn into an attack on the Church in America, since the government will try to force the acceptance of gay marriages onto churches and the IRS will be there to punish churches who speak out against it with Gestapo-like efficiency. The forced acceptance of gay marriage will lead to the destruction of thousands of churches across our country as they find their tax-exempt statuses revoked and their leaders arrested for preaching the Biblical truth about homosexuality.

Defending the true-definition of marriage as GOD intended it, has nothing to do with secular vs. religious culture. If we want to maintain our freedom of religion, then we need to fight against gay marriage at every turn.

Of course, it's going to happen, because Satan is relentless and the gay marriage debate is just the latest in a long series of Satanic attacks on the true followers of GOD. So, churches will be punished for not complying and pastors, deacons, church members, etc. will be jailed for speaking out against the sin of homosexuality and it will be the beginning of the end of America as a free nation.
I think you are right, Nathan. Satan is having a grand time...we make it so easy for him.

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