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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Actually, this is going to be a gigantic blow against religious liberty in this country and freedom of religion is the cornerstone of EVERY other freedom. So once our freedom to publicly practice our religion and our freedom to follow our own conscience goes away, then all other freedoms will soon follow.

We have absolutely NOT gotten it right.

GOD designed marriage to be between a man and a woman. So, it is not within the authority of any governing body or person to change that definition in any way. So gay marriage cannot possibly be right. End of story.

It's just one more step away from GOD and takes our nation closer to judgement and destruction. So how can you possibly claim to be a Christian but be ignorant enough to believe that this is the right direction for our country to be heading?
like i said ... marriage in a church may be a religious activity, but marriage in general is not .. do you think a marriage performed in a mosque is a marriage recognized by God??? or in the court, or in the drive thru at vegas by an elvis impersonator??

teh gays are fighting for their right to have their unions recognized by the US govt, not God (i am sure that time will come, and it will be up to the churches to fight that battle) once it is recognized by the govt, they are free to fight for marriage nenefits, adoption rights etc ... i say this was a great day for their rights to be recognized by their govt!
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