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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
1)Yes, they stayed and waited for the police, then charged them, that's when they were shot. I really think they probably wanted to be killed so they could be seen as martyrs. Unfortunately, they are still breathing and poor Lee Rigby is dead.

2) And honestly, would you have come on two American tours if you were anti-American
1) I concure...They were hoping to be killed by the police

2) Exactly! I am in NO way Anti-American. I actually really love America, I like the Ideal, I like that in a great many ways she is not tarnished by some of the atrocities committed by older States, I love that her People still value their rights and dreams, that they still regard their iconography as sacred. I love the vastly different types of landscapes...The miles and miles of marshland between Richmond Virginia and Washington DC...completely untouched, seemingly never ending besides a large amtrak rail that runs right through it...The pasture lands, with cornfields as far as the eye can see, funny little grain bins that look like upside down giant kitchen funnels...the towering city scapes near marina towers, glass fronted sky scrapers whose tops cant be seen coz they are above the low lying clouds...the little clinking noises that all the masts of the ships in the harbour make when the light breeze makes them bob into one another....the fact complete and utter strangers will say good morning to you in the street, even in an urban city, the fact all the food portions are twice the size, yet half the price. I pointed out, I refuse to look through Rose tinted lenses. To me, Love is a choice, and in order to love something, I have to love it warts and all. So I know all the naughty things that the United States has done abroad, I know how far she drifts from her own design brief, I know her dangers, her false assumptions, her pride, her superiority, her arrogance, and her ignorance at times...and DESPITE that, I choose to love her, not for a false idealistic view of what she is, which, some people on this forum have, and they have accused me in past times of being anti-american, because when I speak the truth, it ruins their "image" of America, because they can not see her for who she really is, and still love her, like I can.

Some of it is because my Culture has lost its heritage, I feel abit out of place, and therefore a bit rejected and she is the next best thing. Some of it is because she reminds me of what England once was...She WAS England at one time, and she is a bit like a snap shot of a type of British mentality which is three hundred years old...One could ask...who are the real Britons? Are US Citizens, or British Citizens more like the English of 1775? I think in many ways the US might be closer. Some of it is also because of the people. I just love Americans, I cant really explain that, and I wholeheartedly recognise that as being, actually, terribly racist, but I cant help it. They are always bubbly and bright, always terribly optimistic, always very confident, very assertive. They are not bland, boring, or cynical like Britons...and they are not yappy babblers, like the Europeans. They have a different, and unmistakeable view of Life, the universe and everything...and the American Dream Tours did nothing but confirm that to me.

I know thats a generalization, but shades of it are very on this forum. I am NOT American...yet I have been more then tollerated, more then listened to, more then given the chance to flourish, made friends, met people. They are more then happy to kinda adopt me They make me feel happy, they make me feel good, they bring out a better side of me I think.

...and now having probably offended every single one of you...I'll go into a corner and STFU
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