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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
yes, china dropped the ball on this one and the US are making it known that they did ... Russia seems to not want to say they know or don't know where he is .. and Ecuador or Cuba will no doubt not give up Snowden ... Ecuador is already holding Assange i believe, and i read they sent a plane to get him from russia, but that came back empty.
"Dropping the ball" suggests an unintended screw-up, I don't think that was the case. I heard China was behind Hong Kong letting him go. Snowden told China the U.S. was hacking them, could have been pay back. Now Putin has said Snowden is in Russia and that he has committed no crimes in Russia so he will not be arrested or extradited. It's obvious these countries fear no retaliation or consequences from us, and why should they when they have seen repeatedly that Obama is an all talk-no action President.

They've seen him willing to let Americans die in Benghazi with no consequences for those who killed them; they've seen our embassies overrun and burned all across the Middle East and Asia with no consequences; they see his weak foreign policies and retreat from the world stage; they see him constantly apologizing for America, and on and on....

You can't lead from behind or on the sidelines and expect to be respected as an effective Commander in Chief and world leader. It's na´ve thinking and puts us in a dangerous position.

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