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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post

1) Why blame Abraham Lincoln...because he believed that no state(s) should be allowed to separate itself from the Union?

2) If our founding fathers could see how big we've allowed government to get, and how it's expanding and intruding into our lives, and how it's abusing it's powers to use against it's citizens, they'd probably say, !

Or words to that effect.
1) No...because he said that No Individual State had any Legal Status of its own. That is WHY he said they could not separate from the Union...without The BIG Federal Government, there was no Legitamacy in Law.

By doing that, he banished the Soveringties of FIFTY soverign States, with all the Freedoms listed in the Dec of Independance. When he won the Civil War the Union reigned Surpreme...and it has done eversince, moving further and further away from the design brief...because integral to the Consitution is the fact that the Federal Republic is "United States"...NOT "A United State" do you spot the difference.

Trust me...George Washington knew what a Single, BIG Government could do. Thats why Congress wasnt permanent, Why each of the Soverignties had their own "Presidents" why the Soverignties set the rules. The "Representatives" were not politicians...they were litterally, Representatives of the different States...when they convened a convention, The Union appeared out of their collective wranglings over political matters...and then, once the Congress had completed...each State then had to Ratify that within its own way of being. If you remove that process, which you MUST if you say that States have no individual legal power, they can not ratify've distroyed the fundemental emphasis of the mode of Government...set up a permanent Government...and it would inevitably ring bells of Westminister! The form of Governance that caused the War of Independance

Washington Believed the Former
Lincoln Believed the Latter.

2) I think Washington would be very distressed if he saw todays Union. He would recognise the European Union as being closer to his ideal...for each State in the European Union is Soverign...Though that is rapidly changing also.

Nathan is right, it doesnt matter the starting place...all Governments once they go, inevitably, begin to corrupt themselves in a manner ill befitting
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