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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Well if we needed proof of what we already suspected, that we are no longer viewed by other countries as a power to be feared and respected, we have it now. Hong Kong let Snowden go as we were in communications with them to hand him over, and if he lands in Russia, I doubt Putin would do us any favors, and now Ecuador is considering giving asylum to Snowden.

President Obama's chickens are finally coming home to roost.
For some reason, the flight to latin america/meso America left without Snowden on board, and Vladimir has made it quite clear that he is under no obligation to help the United States....he is pissed off because Barack Obama forced him to sign up to an agreement to say that President Assad of Assyria, one of Vlads best friends, had to step down for the Rebels to take power and end the civil war.

China has no particular want to be involved in American internal affaires...because thats essentially what this have to understand two things. First ONLY the Federal Government considers him a Criminal...and secondly, whilst he might have told the Americans something they didnt know...he didnt say much that suprise any other Super Power (either now or previous) We know very well that the United States Government will spy on everyone as much as the possibly can...after all, we are probably doing the same thing. Its expected...and so for the Russians and the Chinese....I'm afraid its probably "Big Wow" when it comes to the revelation the Federal Government is looking into everyones personal lives The Chinese and Russians would go as far as to say that is what Governments SHOULD be doing anyway
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