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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Well, if you were going to be killed and only had a choice between the two, which method would you opt for? These two killers were literally stopped in their tracks when the police shot them after the men started charging towards them. So Lee Rigby might be alive today if he or someone in the crowd had had a gun to stop them.
I think a far bigger question is, how come this took place yards from a military compound WITH firearms, did none of THEM react and why when the secret service had them on watch for eight years, did they get as far as they did....alot of the anti-terrorism secret service branches are we are led to believe...noone really knows

The Killers were not aprehended by police...They WAITED for the police to arrive...they could have gotten away, but chose to make youtube videos explaining why they did it instead

I am suprised that Rigby wasnt armed...Military peeps are encouraged to wear their uniforms in public now, and I know the Ministry of Defence Police (who arent even technically speaking military, but Civil Service) constantly walk around Harrogate with firearms on show...I mean, they carry them into the Store to do shopping with them Its most disconcerting...and you see people giving them a wide birth I am still not sure, technically speaking, its legal for them to do it...but its not something one can bring up in friendly conversation with them really is it

Although...this afternoon, I thought about Liddellfan, when I had to sign my allotment aggreement...unbelievably, one of the stipulations, is an aggreement NOT to hunt pest (Birds, Mice, Rats, Moles) that drift over from the Gorge next door...using either "an air rifle or a shotgun"

A shotgun WTF
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