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Originally Posted by Liddellfan View Post
1) That is a typical response of a socialist and someone who was raised in a country of "we the sheeple". Someone who has never tasted an ounce of freedom or made their own personal choices.

2) "WE THE PEOPLE" are a free society and can make our own decisions. If we want guns, we buy them.

3) Gun crime is minimal yes BUT the crime rate in the UK blows that of these United States out of the water. Reason being, people don't have a means to protect their lives on your side of the pond. You will NEVER understand our way of life nor our god given right to self defense because you have been dictated to your entire life and are programmed by the socialist system.

4) Always spewing your nonsense here and it's an MMA forum. No need for your anti-American BS...If you don't like us tough. Enjoy your socialist society and keep quiet.

5) FYI : hunting has absolutely NOTHING to due with our right to keep arms. You sound like Piers Morgan saying uneducated things like that.
1) Says someone who lives under a Union that doesnt use a popularity vote to ellect its president, and whose BIG Government has stolen the soverignties of fifty individuals States

2) IF that were more then writing on a page, YOU would not be shyte skeerd they will come for your guns! The very fright, the very possibility that they might, that your Government think they have that ability, shows how far you have moved from your blessed constitution....if you worried more about sorting THAT out, you wouldnt have to fear the legislators in the first place.

3) I CLEARLY stated in my original reply, that I DONT KNOW what I think about YOUR countries problems, and that I could ONLY go on what I knew. I have the courage to admit what is beyond my knowledge...but you are an American Republican, therefore you think you know everything!

As for me, I havent really got a clue what you should do about guns in your country.
But...I am not american, I dont live there, I dont really know how well that would work in a place where everyone, criminals and non criminals seem to be armed. As I dont know, and it doesnt effect me, I dont really care
Missed these two nuggets...did you?

I could never comprehend you...but you have no problem understanding my culture? The truth is everything that isnt Governed by you, you consider inferior, stupid, uneducated and in dire need of liberation....That includes your attitudes towards your friends...and if you want to talk gun stats...shall we talk about a country who has, despite the prolific usage of firearms, somehow manages to have one of the worst friendly fire accident records in the history of modern warfare..? Stretching from the "accident" at the D-Day landing rehersal...all the way to the "accidents" in Iraq.

Or is it that we the sheeple are expendable as inferior, uneducated, non-american Republicans.

4) Really Awww fanx for putting me in my place

5) Why consign the hunters to archaic crossbows if you didnt have to

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