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Here's another little factoid about the "Mayors against Gun Violence" group.

Then, as the "No More Names" group commemorates victims of gun violence by reading their names out loud, bystanders are shocked to hear Tamerlan Tsarnaev listed among the "victims." Tsarnaev, you'll recall, was shot by police during a massive gun battle in the wake of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, for which he and his younger brother were responsible. Tamerlan has also been implicated in three additional murders. AP follows up with a surreal question about "No More Names:"

As of this writing, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns website says 6,170 Americans have been murdered by people using guns since Newtown; I canít believe I have to ask this, but does that list include criminals ó or terrorists ó killed by police in an exchange of gunfire?
Link here. Not surprising since this is Mayor "nanny state" Bloomberg's group.
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