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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
A one-world government is a bad, bad, bad idea no matter how you look at it. Since every human being is inherently evil, then governments can never avoid corruption. When a one-world government inevitably becomes corrupt, then what can you do? You'd have to actually leave the planet in order to escape the tyranny and oppression.

It's never a question of IF a human government will become corrupt, it's a question of how quickly a human government will decay into hopeless corruption.

So, the US putting itself back under the boot heel of Europe is a horrible mistake and would completely erase over 200 years sovereignty and freedom in this nation.

The only way a one-world government will work is after Christ's return during the Millennial Reign; but that's because He will be ruling over the Earth with an iron fist as a perfect and incorruptible leader.
The joke is...the European Union was never supposed to be anything more then an exchange rate mechanism...that is ALL it was supposed to be. In LESS then Fourty Years...its gone from a document on paper, to having its own Government, producing its own legislation, having its own supreme court, ellecting its own President, and having a single currency across two thirds of its members!

its like the US Union ON ACID!

The other Joke is, its BECAUSE of the investment to rebuild Germany, that the Germans are the most wealthy, and therefore, obviously incharge as the biggest contributor.

So what you have is a Fourth Reich, by treaty, rather then a Third Reich by war.

The force thats brought the US and EU together is one of the knowledge that they need each other for trade and investment, because their empires are so vast, who else will they trade with...and with times being hard...and positions on the world stage being know...strength in numbers.

But I am NOT kidding you when I do NOT want to be part of this. I may speak harshly against YOUR Union....but your Union is a pussy cat compared to such an ancient hostile force as Old Europa....America may be a Mighty Dragon.....but Europe is a plague! She appears harmless, lulls one into a false sence of security, and then snaps her jaws shut like a venus flytrap

We have been playing politics for One Thousand Five Hundred years in our Current Form...Two Thousand if you include our would almost be better for the US to go to China instead
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