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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
So these 17 are under her, or rather, Germany's control? Shades of Hitler but she's just going about it differently?

I saw some of Obama's Brandenburg Gate speech talking about nuclear reductions again and quoting from JFK's historic speech. I also read some of it online. When I read this part, the last line, I was, "Me too!"
The Seventeen Eurozone States share the same multinational currency known as the Euro. The problem they have had, is that each State has a different economy, which means that interest rates and price fixing goes on, and it simply wont work, because each have the ability to set their own national budgits, and interest rate....but they share the same currency.

There are, to be frank, only two ways to sort this problem out.

1 Do not use the same currency (as the others in the Union have opted for)
2 One Central Political Union which can apply financial matters across the entire Seventeen.

At present, neither is happening, and this is why the crisis continues.

Germany would like one central political union, under their judgement. This would effectively render Germany in control financially of all Seventeen, and therefore in control of Seventeen Economies. The Seventeen are supposed to be trying to work this out in a treaty...but its caused a split in the Union, because it makes it two tier...Those States in the union that do not have political unity, and those that do. The nearest American ulternative would be to say that Texas remains in the American Union...but uses its own texan dollar, sets its own economy and financial status outside of any federal wouldnt work very well....

Soooo...what happens is that when a one of the seventeen dont do so well, Germany offers to bail them out IF AND ONLY IF they do what Germany says...and sometimes that is as abrupt as to order the replacement of the entire Government of the troubled Seventeen State...if they refuse...the Germany with-holds the money.

No less then Twice has a European Country lost its Government in this way, including Greece and Italy. Spain, Portugal, The Republic of Eire have been warned. Cyprus was the latest casualty...and rumour has it Slovenia is about to go tits up.

Ultimately, its very plain to see, that the only way out of this mess, with a future for the Union, is full financial and political union, under the State with the most money. Once that has happened for the Seventeen, you will find the Union for the rest of the members becomes unworkable, and they either join the Euro, or leave...most will remain because they are landlocked and have given too much away already.

Follow that with a Treaty between the Two Strongest Unions...and its only a matter of time before one displaces the other. My bet is that Europe will win over the United States, because unfortunately, the State of the American Union is such that each of the individual states long since gave their soverignty up....and whilst technically it is a Union of Fifty Soverignties...for the sake of the way that Europe works, Washington is America...Get Washington in your pockets, and by default, you have control of everything. The individual states have less to give up, they just go with the autonomous flow.

We have taken about fourty years to get from Exchange Rate Mechanism, to Single Currency...I suspect a Full Federalized Union in Europe by 2020 under Germany, and say another thirty odd years to suck in the Americans once they realize they are no longer a super power and we have to stick together coz of the Chinese advance...and you will have one Federal Western World.

That will be Half a World Government. Then it will be deals with China...because you always have to deal with someone outside can see the way this goes.....

Effectively Germany already has control being the biggest financial hand in the Union...soon it will have actual control, in a political union...and then She'll come sailing across the Atlantic to invade the New World

All by harmless treaty, of course...not a drop of blood shed.
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