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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
THIS guys is World Wide Big Government it would effectively make a Single Federal Government...
A one-world government is a bad, bad, bad idea no matter how you look at it. Since every human being is inherently evil, then governments can never avoid corruption. When a one-world government inevitably becomes corrupt, then what can you do? You'd have to actually leave the planet in order to escape the tyranny and oppression.

It's never a question of IF a human government will become corrupt, it's a question of how quickly a human government will decay into hopeless corruption.

So, the US putting itself back under the boot heel of Europe is a horrible mistake and would completely erase over 200 years sovereignty and freedom in this nation.

The only way a one-world government will work is after Christ's return during the Millennial Reign; but that's because He will be ruling over the Earth with an iron fist as a perfect and incorruptible leader.
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