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Default 4th Reich? The Standards say it all!!!

Soooo...I watched a the video of President Obama giving a little speech at a state banquet being hosted for him in Germany. It was boring, so my eyes know whenever he does things like this you will always find behind him the Standards of the Host and the Visitor arranged in little buckets...

I think what got me was that Third Standard...Although Obama has visited many European Countries before, I have never seen ANY single Country at a State Banquet, elevate the flag of the European Union, akin to their own or the visitors.

Angela Merkel knows that Berlin, rather then Brussels IS the European Union, although the parliaments, courts, and chit chat take place in a different country, the real problem is, that Europe runs on Money...the person with the most money is the person who is incharge because they can effectively refuse consent to any project they wish, and cause that project to flop, due to lack of funds.

By peaceful Treaty, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, in the same Historic Office as Adolf Hitler, effectively directly controls SEVENTEEN out of the Twenty Five Soverign Nations which form the European Union...She has already replaced Two of the Seventeen Governments without the use of democratic vote. and further Four have been threatened in the last three years, and a further one has yet to be dealt with.

Whilst her Empire isnt quite as big as that dominated by the Third Reich, which also included part of Africa (Merkel has none) and parts of Russia (Merkel is slowly melting and adding more states in the Eastern bloc at present) it is more stable...There is no war...just a few short lasting violent protests...and so without economic ruin (not just "crisis") no particular end of this dominance in sight.

I hope that in the Referendum, schedualed in this country for 2016ish, the British people will decide to leave the European Union (thankfully, we are not one of the Seventeen very unlucky members) Sorry, but I for one, certainly do not want to see a Federal Republic of Europe under the control of the German Chancellor...I dont want to see a Federal Union AT ALL. I dont like the financial bonds, I dont like the Judicial bonds...and I flat out refuse political unity with some of those monsterous nations. The last thing (forgive me) we want is to end up like the United States of America, where Soverign States are Governed from One City, by a Single Big Government.

No Thank You!

Rumour has it, that there is even a german contingency for if the Euro Currency actually fails all together.

Its called The Deutsche-mark...apparently, they have been printed ready to distribute to the Seventeen Euro Currency know...just incase
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