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Alexis Davis vs. Rosi Sexton

Round 1:
Referee Herb Dean oversees this women's bantamweight bout. Both women willing to exchange early. Davis winging straight punches and getting the better of it. Davis clinches and delivers a series of knee from the thai plum. Sexton muscles her way off the fence. Standing elbow misses for Davis. Sexton answers with a right hook. Sexton changes levels and drops for a double. Davis takes her back, then abandons it to lock her legs into a triangle from the bottom. This one is tight. Sexton tries to create some space and unloads a few short punches. Davis shifts her hips and adjusts the angle of the choke. Sexton looks to stand and muscle out. Big flurry of punches from Sexton. Davis still working on this triangle but she can't finish it.

Round 2:
Davis fires off a few jabs. Sexton answers with a right hand. Sexton bulls Davis against the cage then trips her to the mat, landing in side control. Davis quickly reclaims half guard. Beautiful sweep lands Davis into top position. Sexton locks up her guard. Davis postures up and unloads. Big swell of applause from the Winnipeg crowd. Davis working short punches and elbows from top position. Sexton throws her legs up for a triangle. Davis defends and unleashes another salvo. Sexton rolls and Davis takes her back. Davis secures one hook then slithers in an arm for a rear-naked choke. Sexton valiantly fights it off. Davis flattens Sexton out and unloads a succession of unanswered punches. Herb Dean nearly stops it, but Sexton is saved by the horn.

Round 3:
Sexton connects with a right hook. More wild hooks from Sexton but nothing lands flush. Both woman look exhausted. Davis drops for a double. Sexton sprawls, but Davis takes her back in the ensuing scramble. Davis locks up a body triangle then hunts for a rear-naked. Sexton spins into top position but Davis threatens with a triangle. Sexton creates some space and settles into Davis' guard. Sexton working short punches to the body. Sexton postures up and connects with a big right hand. Sexton is stifling right now. Davis throws up her legs but Sexton evades and takes her back. Davis patiently works out of it and winds up in top position. Davis stands and immediately eats a giant upkick. The horn sounds. Good battle.

UFC 161 results: Alexis Davis def. Rosi Sexton via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-28)

Herb should have called it at the end of the second round, Sexton wasn't intelligently defending herself.
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