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Sam Stout vs. James Krause

Round 1:
Both fighters open orthodox. Stout opening right away with inside leg kicks. Krause misses with a head kick and they clinch along the fence. They separate. Krause with a jab and outside leg kick and a front kick. A knee from Krause also wobbles Stout. Head kick lands for Krause and is taken down, but immediately hits a scissor's sweep. They stand, but Stout is bleeding to an absurd degree.

Round 2:
Stout charging in and Krause lands a front kick plus an outside leg kick. Stout with a left hook and inside leg kick. Stout cracks Krause with a left hook to the body that hurt him, but he's hanging in. Krause scoring at distance, but nothing hugely significant. Krause scores on a double and ends up in Stout's butterfly guard. Krause over commits on a punch and Stout uses it to stand, scores with a body kick. Stout starting to warm up and landing more, but Krause is busy as well. Stout turns a takedown attempt from Krause into a takedown of his own.

Round 3:
Fighters trade leg kick, but Stout is really active. Stout scores with a right hand and Krause returns the favor, plus land two outside leg kicks. Flying knee from Krause misses. Three punches score for Krause and he's beginning to press forward. Jab for Stout, but Krause lands an uppercut. Two good jabs now for Krause and he's cruising a bit here. Stout chases down a double. Krause sits back for a guillotine and he that's it, Stout taps.

James Krause def. Sam Stout via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:47 of round 3

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