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Mitch Clarke vs. John Maguire

Round 1:
Referee in charge of the action is Jerin Valel. Maguire opens southpaw, Clarke is orthodox. Fighters trading short shots and inside leg kicks. Maguire doing a lot of reacting to Clarke's minor attacks. Then Maguire is hit with an eye poke. Clarke not landing anything significant, but staying busy. Maguire attempts a single leg and then hits a slide by to get behind Clarke. Clarke locks up a double wrist lock, but Maguire fights out of it. Maguire jumps on Clarke's back temporarily, but Clarke shakes him off. Clarke also turns into him, scores a separation from the clinch, but finds himself in an identical position after another single to slide by.

Round 2:
Clarke sticking and moving with leg kicks to open the second frame. Maguire catches a leg kick and he's in Clarke's open guard. Maguire not striking besides busy shots, nor is he making any serious attempt at a pass. Clarke trying to lock up a kimura, but so far nothing. Clarke uses the fence to push off with his feet to hit a reversal and attempts a single on the way up, but lets it go. Maguire grabs a single and uses it to take the back, this time on the ground.

Round 3:
Clarke scores a knee to the face of Maguire after a failed takedown attempt. Left hand scores for Maguire, but he eats several in response from Clarke. They hang out in the clinch, but the referee separates them for inactivity. Maguire again takes the back after the single leg. Maguire scores the body triangle. Clarke trying to use the cage to create a scramble, but so far nothing doing. Clarke reverses position and is in Maguire's guard. Clarke scores with a big punch and briefly another while also landing in side control. He ends the bout landing several hard shots.

Mitch Clarke def. John Maguire via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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