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Default UFC 161 *SPOILERS*

Here we go!

Yves Jabouin vs. Dustin Pague

Round 1:
The referee in charge is Adam Cheadle. Both fighters open orthodox. Jabouin scores with a body kick and right hand that send Pague to the mat. PAgue working a triangle from guard, but Jabouin stuffs it. He then postures up and scores a hard elbow. Pague frames up a triangle, but Jabouin escapes again and scores a right hand. Pague almost scores another submission by locking up an armbar, but Jabouin patiently removes his arm and moves into side control. Pague throws his right leg over for a heel hook several times, but can't get it. From the 50/50 guard, Pague uses a sramble to sit through and move to mount. He goes for another triangle, but Jabouin escapes and drills Pague with a series of hard right hands.

Round 2:
Left hook scores for Jabouin and Pague fires back with two right leg kicks. Foot sweep from Pague plants Jabouin on the mat and Pague moves right to mount. Pague starts to unload punches. Pague locks up a body triangle and moves to his own back, throwing in an arm to RNC Jabouin, but the Canadian stops the choke. Pague moves back to mount. Jabouin recaptures half guard. Jabouin pushes to reclaim base and Pague attempts a triangle in transition, but can't get it. With Jabouin on top, he begins to crack Pague with elbows and punches.

Round 3:
Jabouin on top again in Pague's guard with a takedown and Jabouin is trying to unload. The referee stands them up for inactivity. Jabouin throws a spin kick and misses and eats an illegal knee as Pague attempts to close distance. Pague wins in a scramble and moves to mount. Jabouin tries to reverse position and Pague scores a triangle in transition, but can't get it.

Yves Jabouin def. Dustin Pague via split decision (29-28 Pague, 29-28 Jabouin, 29-28 Jabouin)

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Even though I picked Jabouin to win, I thought Pague won it hands down. More lousy judging, Pague got robbed, IMO.
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