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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
I agree with that. No sin is necessarily more grievous than another, but some sins drive movements that spread that sin and normalize that sin and call the evil of that sin good. Some sins just plain threaten society as a whole.
No Christian Homosexuals I know, and trust me, I know some, even the ones that are practising, wouldnt say its "Good" They might say its required to gain the same legal rights, they might say that its good as a confession of love and intent to have a long term relationship, they may even feel that they are entitled to something if they feel that they have no chance of ever getting heterosexual....that it may not be perfect...but it is the best that they can hope for. They might also say its a good way for society to hold them accountable for life long promises to each other.

I have heard some say that its only fair...personally, I think that is because they are sad that they can never have a "big day" like all the hetrosexuals can, and that psychologically, a civil partnership makes them feel inferior.

But then I have never really been involved in millitancy...some homosexuals dont want to get married...they just want to make the Churches embarrised by getting the Government to force them to do things they wouldnt want to...and a lot of that hatred is the fault of the Christians in those churches, who rather then trying to help heal...have condemned, criticized, and made those inflicted with same sex attraction feel really sad, and hurt, and then bitter. If Christ was here today, he would be seen hanging out with Homosexuals, who he would have healed, and freed them from the worldly he did with prostitutes when he was last incarnate on earth.

There is one thing that you forget about this particular sin. It doesnt matter if the State legalize Homosexual Marriage or doesnt matter if they force a GOD fearing priest to conduct the ceremony...for one VERY simple reason.

Neither the Church, Nor The State have the power to legitamize ANY Sacrement whatsoever. Mysterium Lunae...The Church does NOTHING more to GOD, then the Moon does to The Sun. The reason you see the Moon at night is because the Moon reflects the light of the Sun...the Moon has NO control over it is with the Church...They can reflect the Glory of GOD...but they cannot create the Glory of GOD where His Light refuses to sign.

Without GOD, your "marriage" is just a ceremony. Its funny, how every good Christian hates the idea of homosexual marriage...but tell me...what are your thoughts on Athiests marrying in a Church? what of pagens? what of every other evil under the sun, that ALREADY marrys in churches?

There is nothing societal acceptance can do to threaten GOD. There is no point of Majority aggreement, at which GOD will change his mind on an issue of morality. You can not force a blessing from GOD, you can not "Create" a Union or a can not Steal it from the Church by State Order, or by peer pressure.

Homosexual Marriage will never be legitamized by GOD in the same way that a Christian Hetrosexual Marriage is consecrated. No Ceremony will do. Its simply a placebo...the homosexuals who marrys in the church feels "accepted"

Well...he can "Feel" it all he doesnt mean GOD has fused the spirits of the two partners together.

Personally, I think its up to the individual to choose what they want to do. I havent decided if I believe you are "born" gay...but I do think that if you suffer from it, then the feelings are NOT a choice. However, practising is ALWAYS a cant accidently have sex...and feeling like you want to, doesnt mean you must. I DO think the State should allow a way for homosexuals who wish to be next of kin, to settle the matter in a legal fashion. As GOD respects a persons the State should also.

If the State can find a way of making homosexual marriage legal, in a way that doesnt force an unwilling church to participate, then I dont care if they make it legal or not...because it doesnt change the Truth.

I DO have a problem with the State FORCING a Church to do something against its will...and that is my primary concern here.

I would almost certainly never go for either. Because I dont need the Church or State to authorize any personal vows I might make to someone else, for a start. Secondly, I respect the fact that if I made that choice, it would be against what GOD wanted, and whilst I would be no less abiding to my promise as if it were sanctified...I would recognise that it could never be legitamately sanctified or consecrated...I would not want to tarnish any institution with being involved in such an abomination. We would know what we were doing, but it would be our sin alone...and only conducted, if to NOT follow through would lead to sin with worse repuccusions.

When all is Evil, sometimes you have to choose to live with the lesser of the two evils. We all live sinful lifestyles, and we all knowingly reproduce the same sins time and again. There is no point in not being honnest with the Almighty, because he is not fooled by your reasoning, that somehow, its perfectly alright to lead a secret sinful life of the mind, perhaps, but not to live a sinful life in the if he would care less about your secrets, because they are hidden from the world. No, if ever I was to practise, if ever I was to get into a long term relationship...I know it could never be legitamized.

The really bizzare thing ive found with myself, is that, with those who I actually feel closest to, those other men that I truely love...the closer I get, the less likely, I want to have a sexual encounter with them...because I wouldnt want to tarnish them. I would not want to spoil them if that makes sence, I wouldnt want a sordid little secret kept between us Thats something I dont think I could ever get over...I'm pretty sure, the more I loved them, the less chance there would be of anything but celebacy

I would honnestly say that there are only two men in the entire world who I love...and even if they were both to come up to me and offer themselves...I just couldnt. I couldnt do that to them, and one of the two IS gay...although I didnt know for years and years and years

Accidents are one thing...pre-planned long term with people you truely love, are something else...I personally think that a psychological and spiritual connection with someone is more pleasurable and far better then any physiological thing....and whats fantastic, is that close friends give that to each other anyway dont they
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