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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
You may not able to, but what society cannot or WILL not do is irrelevant. God doesn't judge YOU by what society says, He judges you by your heart. And if you are not living your life according to His Law then you are subject to His penalty.

Everyone is given the choice TO believe. Working backwards from that fact we know that no one is or was initially alienated by God. They took that walk away. They were not pushed away. The Bible should be your source book for the answers. Nowhere in the Bible is homosexuality in general revealed to be anything less than a pure sin.
So is telling perhaps you should organise a "no telling lies" protest.

There is one little factoid you forgot to mention. In the Bible it makes very clear that sin is not weighted. No sin is greater then any other in the eyes of GOD (apart from the unforgiveable sin)

For GOD you are either perfect, or you are not. As we are not, we need Christ to save us. You talk about not using societal values to judge...well be careful...because I see this topic come up time and time and time again, with all the Christians duly spouting their criticisms and rebukes...

..But according to GOD, a lifestyle full of lies...which YOU and ANYONE READING THIS, has chosen, is just as condemned, and just as bad...yet...I dont see a lot of threads about that.

Its easy to attack a minority sin that you may never indulge in....but try to level the barrel at other, more widespread sins, particularly those which are the thorne in your own side...because never are people made to feel so bad about themselves for lies, or theaft, or they are for homosexuality.

You remember that
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