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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Right now, most people are saying security is more important to them than their privacy. I wonder what Ben Franklin would say today given the times. Back in his day he said this:
I believe that He and George Washington, would believe that the Federal Union as it now stands, is a non-democratic, dictatorial regieme. I reckon they would consider it closer to what England was when they Founded it, rather then closer to what it was when they founded it.

He recongised the Union as Conventions. Singular meetings of Continental Congress (as opposed to Congress, which existed, obviously, as part of every State Government) for joint issues of independant States concerning the outside world. A 24/7 sitting Government, would probably remind him of Westminsters Parliament...the which he considered Undemocratic, and under the authority of a Tyrant.

I think its a good job he died in a time, where the leaders of State Governments were also known as "Presidents" (He was President of The Supreme Executive Council of The CommonWealth of Pensylvania) Not...Guv'ner

Still...having said all of that...your country is still a shining example compared to the rest of the nations on the planet. Yes, you have faults...but not as many, and not as ingrained, though I am glad to see that any slide causes you all distress...for that shows you still care, and you care because your hope (unlike ours) has yet to be extinguished.
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