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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Since the government was acting outside of the US Constitution by collecting data on American citizens who have not been accused of a crime, then he is more of a whistleblower, not a traitor.

It's the Obama Administration that is betraying the American people here, not Edward Snowden.
Erm...not JUST American citizens....

What IS embarissing is...that the American Union (and I make that as a distinguishment from America as in people) is so good at spying, when the British Secret Service want to know what British Citizens are doing....they ask the Americans

Its funny how in England there hasnt been a word about the ethics of the US looking at Citizens outside of its soverignty...but the British Government HAS tried to deny that the British Secret Service being barred from doing what the American Union has done to its Citizens...used the Americans to do their work for them and then fax them a copy

Lets be honnest...The "Union" isnt just representatives of State Governments, and thats the problem with it...once its beyond its design brief, it can make it up as it goes along.

As for the actual guy...well technically speaking, if he signed the American version of the British "Official Secrets Act" then, technically speaking, yes he IS a Traitor to the Union. But being a Traitor to the Constitution depends on whether the Union has broken it or not. It has. Therefore if one considers the Union Treacherous...well...its morally correct to unveil it for what it is.

The real problem is that as I see it, Americans seem to think that the constituion, and the Federal Union are one and the same...But its Constituion First, Union Second...The Constituion guides the Union, NOT the other way we can see...actually The Union pays no attention to the Constituion at all...and those Checks and Ballences, they are now part of the problem because they are reliant on the Federal System...therefore, if the Union asks for someone unconstituional...say...a health reform...the Supreme Court will turn a blind eye, because it brings the federal system more money....and therefore, they are better off.

The First Step of recovery would be to crush the Bi-Partisanship of Congress. Remove large scale political parties all together, because they shouldnt exist, they are a product of Big Government.

The Second Step would be to return power to the State Governments where a host of political groups fighting for local issues should be encouraged

The Third Step would then be too largely collapse all the over-inflated departments, commission, and things that are part of an illicit Federal Union This would include passing back the law making to the State Governments

The Fourth Step would be to make the Branches, the Union itself, rather then a force of people controlled by Washington Federal Triangle

The fifth step would be to expect the State Governments to start to be self sufficient. They are independant Soverignties, and where they are not self sufficient, they should be fighting in congress for the trade to satisfy them. Congress should be a veichal for the independant States to get what they need from the rest of the world, that is all.

The final step, would then be to cease a 24/7 Federal Government in the way you have it today. The Secret Service should only be to look at foreign threats...local threats are for State Governments to deal with. Big Government looks for the need to conduct war and peace....not to spy on its own populas...the only spying that would ever need to be done, would be State Governments, Spying within their own boarders

Face will NEVER go back to that. That, which is outlined above, is pretty much what England would consider Provincial Rule...its what George Washington would have known, where each state ran itself, and then all States sent representatives, once every so often for joint ventures.

Personally, I blame Abraham Lincoln, but thats just me
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